Are you ready to date?

Are you ready to date?

Date Posted: February 13, 2021 1:29 pm Author: Scott A. Levine

Are you ready to date?

Dating after a breakup, especially a divorce is always a tough thing to do. You may not want to date at all, but the reality is you have to move on eventually. How do you know you’re ready to date? Read more to find out.

Still on your mind: The best way to know if you’re over your old partner is when you stop thinking about them. If you’re constantly thinking about your ex spouse, chances are you’re not ready to let them go. Of course it’s going to take a while to break this habit, but when you do you know you’ll be ready to date other people. How can you get someone off your mind? Try picking up a new hobby such as, running or taking art classes. Doing something you’ve never done before will allow your mind to only focus your new hobby. Also, these newfound hobbies might even introduce you to someone new.

When your ex spouse starts dating other people: There’s a chance your ex spouse might start dating before you do. It’s natural to feel a little bit of jealously towards the new couple. On the other hand, if you feel resentment towards your ex, you’re not ready to move on. If you were ready to date other people you would be happy for you’re ex spouse, not jealous of their happiness. If you do feel resentment towards your ex, try your best to avoid seeing their new relationship. If this means you have to temporally unfollow them on social media, then do it.

Going out: Once you’re divorced, you’re going to want to go out more to meet new people. More than likely, someone is going to try to flirt with you. If you’re not responsive to the person who is showing interest in you, you’re not ready to date. If you’re ignoring them that means you still have you’re ex spouse on your mind. Make sure to keep an open mind when you meet new people. You never know what could result from a simple conversation with a stranger. Always keep a positive attitude when you meet someone new. Don’t let your problems from your old relationship roll over to a new one.

Having a support team is extremely important during this time. Keep your family and friends close to distract you! There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

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