Complex Asset Division

Complex Asset Division

Affluent couples own multiple complex assets. High-net divorces are challenging and require special consideration regarding asset division.

What Are Complex Financial Assets?

Complex financial assets include real estate, highly valued collections, stocks and bonds, bank accounts, investments, intellectual property, retirement funds, trust assets, etc. Wealthy couples own multiple real estates, apart from a family home. Dividing the family home is one of the most sensitive issues in complex divorces. In most cases, selling the house is the best option. For that, you need the help of real estate experts and appraisers, including your attorney. Highly valued collections include rare artifacts, unique paintings, old-timers, etc. Stocks and bonds are typical assets of wealthy couples. In dividing these assets, determining their current and potential value is vital. The same applies to dividing dividends and deciding the contribution to the investments. The income from intellectual property rights is also subject to division, requiring the help of attorneys and financial experts. Retirement funds and trust assets can be of significant value. They are subject to strict regulatory requirements, so dividing these assets requires the assistance of a divorce attorney with a proven record of success.

Tracking Down Complex Assets

Determining marital assets and tracking down complex financial assets is vital, especially if your spouse attempts to conceal specific accounts or valuable collections. Ensuring nothing is left out in complex assets division is impossible without the help of an experienced high-net divorce attorney and professional evaluators. Appraisers and other financial professionals can determine the value of each asset belonging to marital property, while your attorney helps you get the property you deserve after terminating the marriage.

Reach Out to Scott Levine

Your assets are too valuable, and you worked hard to earn your share – you cannot leave the issue of their division to depend on pure luck. Reach out to Scott Levine and take your financial future into your hands. Mr. Levine works shoulder-to-shoulder with actuaries, appraisers, and other financial experts to track down all complex assets and get you your fair share in high-net-worth marital property.

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