Fort Lauderdale Family Law Attorney

Fort Lauderdale Family Law Attorney

Fort Lauderdale Family Law Attorney

Looking Out for You and Your Family

Family crises affect people across America regardless of racial background, social status, or wealth. The reasons can vary, ranging from marital misconduct to financial problems to the difference in character. Many families overcome difficult periods by turning to each other and looking for what they have in common. Those who are unsuccessful in finding the least common denominator end up disintegrated, resulting in legal disputes and psychological traumas.

Dealing with family law disputes is a financially and emotionally draining experience. Whether you are involved in a high-net-worth divorce, child custody, or spousal support issues, going through complex legal proceedings takes a huge emotional toll, causing a significant loss of time and money.

When you encounter a crisis, the least you can expect is a helping hand. The most welcoming help is a reliable family law attorney who will look out for you and your family. Scott A. Levine has helped families deal with disputed issues for two decades. His single-minded focus and adherence to the highest ethical and professional principles are unrivaled. With Mr. Levine on your side, you can rest assured your family matters are in the best hands.

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Our experienced law firm can assist you with different family law matters. Reach out to us for legal support with the following:

Wealthy couples often build family empires involving private businesses, multiple brokerage accounts, real estate, expensive jewelry, rare artifacts, etc. Everything they acquire during the marriage is marital property. Once the matrimony is over, dividing marital property becomes the number one issue during divorce proceedings. In high-net-worth divorces, the division process involves various challenges. In addition to marital property division, affluent couples face other dilemmas such as child support issues, property appraisal, tax implications, etc. Hire an experienced family law attorney to help you handle asset tracking, forensic accounting, contesting or defending premarital agreements, and other high-net-divorce issues.

Litigating divorce disputes requires tremendous patience and energy. As a vindictive process, litigation involves two opposite parties fighting each other to convince a judge and a jury their case has merits. Succeeding in an adversarial court battle requires a well-versed and reliable family law attorney on your side. Your lawyer can help you gather evidence during the discovery procedure, prepare opening statements, examine witnesses and experts, analyze and contest opposing expert opinions, etc. Undergoing litigation alone is never recommended. To get the best possible outcomes, seek legal assistance from a trusted family law professional.

Determining and tracking down complex financial assets causes headaches for everyone involved. The process involves close cooperation with real estate experts, actuaries, and appraisers. Never go into the process without a legal professional who can effectively communicate with various experts, helping you get your fair share of complex marital assets.

Deciding the children’s destiny in divorce proceedings is one of the most demanding tasks before judges. Florida law mandates judges to consider a child’s best interests when determining which parent will get custody. In resolving this complex issue, judges look at various factors, including mental and financial capacities, the child’s needs, etc. A parenting plan defines how parents share responsibility for their children, while relocation addresses moving children to another location. In both cases, courts consider multiple factors when deciding on these vital issues.

Ending the marriage does not mean a low-income spouse will stay without the necessary means to maintain the living standard they enjoyed during the matrimony. Florida law obliges the higher-income spouse to give spousal support (alimony, maintenance) to their former partner in financial need. Depending on the type of alimony, the financial support can last from several months to a lifetime. In awarding alimony, Florida judges consider multiple factors (the length of the marriage, health, contribution, etc.). Any change of circumstances (on both sides) can result in alimony modification. An experienced alimony attorney can help you get the desired court outcome, regardless if you give or receive spousal support.

Life after divorce can take different directions. The court’s decision regarding alimony, child support, and parenting time allocation is not irreversible. Depending on the circumstances, the court can decide to change the amount of maintenance or child support (due to loss of job, financial crisis, etc.), award child custody to another parent, or change the parenting schedule. To modify the judgment, your family law attorney must prove new circumstances prevent you from fulfilling obligations toward your former spouse or children. Getting post-judgment modifications is nearly impossible without the help of an experienced litigation attorney well-versed in family matters.

Issuing judgments and court orders in family matters is the crucial phase of any family law procedure. However, that does not mean the parties will fulfill their court-mandated obligations. In that case, the other side can file a motion for contempt (asking the court to issue a fine to a non-complying party) or enforce (forcing the other party to comply with the court order). In any case, consult with a reliable family law attorney before filing for enforcement or contempt. Legal professionals will know if your request has merits and can help you draft necessary motions.

While prenuptial agreements may not seem romantic, understanding precisely what your spouse wants and expects in your marriage can be immensely beneficial. Starting a marital journey with clear expectations will contribute to more accountability regarding marital property. Spouses will be more responsible in handling marital assets knowing the limits and the outcomes in case the marriage collapses. Although some couples find such an approach to marriage too calculated and emotionless – it is a far better option than a never-ending court battle that can ensue when you do not set things right. If you are getting married soon, speak to a prenuptial agreement attorney who will provide you with sound and knowledgeable legal advice.

In Florida, both parents can file a petition to establish paternity. Identifying the father has significant legal consequences. Fathers play a crucial role in a child’s life, so deciding on child custody and support, parenting plans, and other child-related issues are impossible without determining paternity. Florida law enables de-establishing paternity too. The court can relieve you from paternal rights and obligations if you prove you are not the biological father. Whether you seek to establish (or re-establish) paternity or gain access to the child, an experienced family law attorney can help you navigate complex legal procedures.

Domestic violence is the number one factor contributing to family crises and divorces. It results from substance abuse, violent personal traits, or a specific set of circumstances that escalate the conflict. Domestic violence is a crime that triggers criminal charges and restraining orders. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or a suspect, seek legal advice from a family lawyer with relevant court experience.

Turn To an Experienced Family Law Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Whether you need a high-net-worth divorce lawyer to protect your assets, a family law firm to walk you through prenups, or professional legal assistance in other family law matters, turn to Scott A. Levine, P.A. for personalized legal services. Our law firm has helped families resolve complicated disputes since 2004.

Your top-notch divorce lawyer will stand by your side to ensure you’re treated fairly during family disputes. Never walk into the courtroom without knowledgeable, skilled representation from Scott Levine.

Call 954-587-2244 today to schedule a consultation with a local family law attorney.

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