The Increase in Divorce

The Increase in Divorce

The Increase in Divorce

Divorce has become more common over the years. Ever wonder why couples are constantly getting divorced? Here’s the top seven reasons couples all over the world are deciding to separate.

1. Rushing into it:

A lot of times couples jump into marriage without fully thinking it over. Just because you think you’re in love, doesn’t mean you need to get married right away. Rushing into marriage might reveal traits about your partner you didn’t know that turns you off completely. Marriage is a very important decision that shouldn’t be made over night. Take the time to get to know your partner inside and out.

2. Getting married for the wrong reasons:

The reason two people get married is because they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks of marriage this way. There have been too many cases that people marry just to get perks from their partner. The most common are marrying for money, publicity, and even legal rights. At times people agree to get married just because they’re lonely. If you’re not one hundred percent in love with the other person, the marriage won’t work out. Eventually your partner will realize you’re not completely dedicated to the marriage, and result in filing for divorce.

3. Cheating:

Cheating is something that happens way too often in relationships. Once someone is caught or admits to cheating the trust is shattered. Once the trust is gone, it’s hard to be in a marriage with another person.

4. Loosing the “spark”:

For a variety of reasons, some couples forget that being intimate is an important part in a relationship. It’s hard to keep a relationship going when you don’t feel the same spark you felt in the beginning. 5. Arguments: No relationship is perfect, so arguments are bound to happen. An important aspect of a marriage is to be able to get through the tough times together. Couples who argue on a daily basis are bound to see a divorce in their future.

6. Growing Apart:

Sometimes in a relationship people change and end up growing apart. When a divorce ends for this reason, it’s usually a mutual decision.

7. Addictions:

Substance abuse is something some people deal with everyday. If the partner with the addiction doesn’t want help from their spouse, it can easily tear the relationship apart. Divorcing for this reason is always hard because you don’t want to leave you partner alone in a tough time. Although this is true, the sober partner has to put their health into consideration as well.

If you see 2 or more of these qualities in your marriage, it might be time to have a talk with your partner. Divorce may be a very common thing, but it’s up to the couple to work through the hard times and save their marriage.

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